Middle East Journal for Scientific Publishing

The next issue of the journal will be published on: 2020-10-06

For Reviewers


The journal welcome specialists in the close fields of what it publishes to work as reviewers to articles submitted by the authors for publishing in the journal. The reviewer is a volunteer who works part-time in English language on the internet. Reviewers aren't paid .But their names are recorded on the website of the journal. The reviewers' job is:

* to advice the editors in respect to papers that should be published in their journal.

* to provide constructive criticism about authors' writings to improve them to insure high quality of their published articles.

* to inform editors with the bad behavior of authors such as plagiarism.              


The reviewer follows these steps in the review process:    

1- reads the section concerning the guidelines addressed to the authors and the specific section on reviewers to recognize his exact role and how to review the research papers.

 2-reads the research papers thoroughly. Then he delivers them with his notes to the editor .Thus the review must be ended with one of the following four points:

* the research paper with its current form meets the requirement of publishing in the journal and no changes or amendments are needed.

* the research paper needs some minor changes with an indication of these changes.

* the research paper needs some substantial amendments such as expanding the scope of data or literature reviews.

* reject the research paper completely stating the reasons for this rejection.

3-the author makes the adjustments mentioned by the reviewer and resends it back to the journal. The editor resends it to the reviewer to make sure that the proper adjustments are made.


The Middle East Journal uses the peer-review method in respect to the research papers submitted to it. The identity of the reviewer remains unknown to the author whereas the reviewer knows the identity of the author. This type of review ensures that the reviewers review research papers and give their judgment without any impact from the authors. This leads to the best possible quality given to the research papers that are published by the journal.


The review process of the research papers submitted to MEJSP goes through these steps:

1- As soon as the journal receives the research paper, it sends it to two reviewers.

2- The reviewers are given one week (seven days) to give their opinion on the submitted research paper by accepting, rejecting  or requesting minor or major changes and adjustments.

3- The editor receives the research paper from the reviewer with his notes and sends them to the author to make the necessary changes.

4- The author corrects the research paper and resend it to the journal .One of the editors sends it back to the reviewers to make sure that the required and proper changes are made.

5- The editor sends the accepted research paper to the editor-in-chief who coordinates and prepares it for publishing.


The following requirements should be met by the reviewer in the Middle East journal for scientific publishing:

1- PhD. in one of the fields of publishing in the journal.

2- Mastery of English language


The reviewer has the following advantages:

1- His CV (curriculum vitae) is enhanced. This supports his academic promotions.

2- His skills in assessment and writing are reinforced

3- Has access to the new and recent researches in his field of expertise.