Middle East Journal for Scientific Publishing

The next issue of the journal will be published on: 2020-10-06

Publication Ethics


The Middle East magazine for scientific publishing adopts specific ethical principles for publishing to get scientific writings of high quality.

1-Authorship problems

Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) should be consulted in to know how to solve authoring problems.

2-Financial support for authors

Before publishing researches submitted by authors, they are asked to reveal any financial support received from individuals or organizations in the presented declaration to the magazine.

3- Job of reviewers

* Reviewers don't reveal the researches they review except for the editors of the magazine to ensure their efficacy in terms of quality and confidentiality.

* The magazine adopts a strict policy ending the process of reviewing the submitted researches on time. The author will be informed by any possible delay in the reviewing process.

* The Middle East magazine represented in its editorial board does its best to reveal and prevent any practices concerning altering and falsification of data, manipulation of images, plagiarism, or undeclared conflict-of-interest.

Sanctions (penalties)

A set of strict sanctions are applied in case of detecting any violations of publication ethics. Some of these sanctions are:-

* A warning message for the one who owns the material on which the violation is registered

* Rejecting of the submitted  research paper once and for all.

* Deleting the research paper from the website of the magazine and the printed journal

* Taking any additional measures to remove the violation process.


1-Editors and board members are excluded from decisions to publish when they are authors.

2-Editors and reviewers must admit that there isn't any conflict of interest between them and the authors to ensure the objectivity of the review.

3-Editors do their best to detect and prevent any defamation, insults, pictures or texts related to religious or historical events that may be humiliating and offensive to some social groups.

4-The council board members of the journal avoid making any decisions that may have a financial effect on the authors to separate the editing from commercial matters.

5-The authors have the right to appeal internationally against  the decisions of the editorial board.